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The signing of the Camp David (I) accords by Israel is the most senseless folly imaginable. We have ceded our security — lands, oil, settlements and airfields — for nothing but a piece of paper that can be torn up at any time. The "peace" we thought to gain is a bitter illusion, and the only result is that now we are infinitely weaker and the enemy infinitely more powerful.   - The Lubavitcher Rebbe ...More

by Uncle Sam(aria)

The Romans in full view of the crowds in the Coliseum were going to feed a Jew to the lions. They dug a hole five feet deep, put in the Jew standing up and buried him to his neck, so that only his head was above ground. They then let out the lion that was starved for two days. The lion with his mouth drooling went straight for the Jew and circled his prey before eating it. When it got close, the Jew bit it. It yelped and ran away. From the stands of the Coliseum, someone screamed, "Jew, fight fair!" ...More

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Gandhi at 'Dollars'
"In military matters, the Rebbe who sits in Brooklyn knows many things better than I."

- Rechavam Ze’evi (Gandhi) H”YD


Finally, a clarity of vision
Terrorism has now struck throughout Israel. Bombs are exploded in the sure knowledge that the dead and wounded will be innocent women and children. In the past two weeks, dozens of Israelis have suffered death or maiming in numbers that in America would represent over 2,000 dead and 5,000 wounded

By Mortimer B. Zuckerman Editor-in-chief

Say What!?

We learned from the Lebanon experience how important the human element was to the Israelis, because the Jews are few and if they lose more and more, everything will change for them.

Abu Mujahed, a leader of the Al Aqsa Brigades, linked to Yasser Arafat's Fatah movement
Behind the language barrier
Israel in danger: a look from the inside

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Past, Present and Forever

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The "G" Man and Bibi
G. Gordon Liddy interviews former Israeli prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu

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